2014 Review: Who Would Have Thunk It?

This year. Wow. I’m always baffled when another year comes to an end. I’m really not sure where the times goes. I have these weird moments where I feel like I’m 25 again, lining my eyes with glitter and blasting Justin Timberlake throughout the house while reading a sappy young adult novel, and then other moments where I swear I must really be 80 years old due to my annoyance with today’s youths and my fascination with CNN.

Is this how 31 is supposed to feel?

It’s all a bit maddening if you dwell on it too much. At least with my over analyzing and anxiety filled mind. Just. Too. Much.

So let’s distract ourselves, shall we?

My goal is to write a few “end of the year” updates here. First up, puppies.

This year we added two new additions to the Hall family. If you follow me on Instagram you already know since I have continued to bombard your feed with puppy pictures. But just in case, let me formally introduce you to Merryweather and Gus Gus.

I know. Go ahead and squeal some more. I’ll wait right here.

You see, one night Mother Dear sent me a picture of a bunch of brand new puppies and their mom. Then she asked me if I wanted one.

Oh Mother.

Originally we were only going to keep one, Merryweather. We had been thinking about adding another dog to our household for a while and she seemed like a good fit. We also picked up one more to give to a previous coworker of mine. But after taking care of him for a few days, we couldn’t bear to split them up, hence Gus Gus was named and welcomed in.

Tofu doesn’t mind them at all. In fact she embraced them from the start which was shocking all on its own right. Walter wasn’t too keen on them at first though. They were so little and he made sure to let them know they were not welcomed anywhere near him. But over the last few months they have grown on him, not that he had a choice in the matter.

I can’t say that I ever imagined this would be our life together, that we’d have so many “furry” kids, but we adore each and every one of them. Even though they outnumber us!


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