Dude, What?

This is a post about one of the most disappointing days ever.


Well, maybe not ever EVER, but ever.

That makes sense in my head.

Husby said things that make sense in my head should continue to live in my head. Pfft.. rude.

Moving back to the point. The other day I got off work and saw that I had three missed calls and a text from a number I’d never seen before. Upon reading the text message I realized that the moment I had been waiting for my entire life was finally here.

By entire life I mean the last 2 years.

I had received a text from a wrong number!

While shrieking in excitement to Husby about how I’ve been dreaming of this day I came to the horrible awareness that my iphone had a measly 2% battery life remaining and thus had to place my dream on hold until I was at home.

The agony!

After what felt like 5 million hours my phone was charged enough for me to carry out my mission.

After careful thought, and much internet browsing of My Little Pony images, I replied to the text with this;

And then I waited. I planned. I thought of the different responses I may get back from this stranger. I bookmarked more My Little Pony images that I could use….eagerly waiting for another text… anything to acknowledge the magical dialog I had started. And do you know what happened?

NOTHING. Not. One. Thing.

Most disappointing day EVER.


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