Sometimes when you’re twenty nine years old and your alarm clock goes off at 5:30 in the morning, you decide sleep is WAY more important than looking non-dead at work. You may even wear your fuzzy pink slippers to your office, like, every day.

Sometimes you get caught up watching far too many redbox movies with your husband to ever write a new blog post. Frankenweenie anyone?

Sometimes life changes in ways you weren’t prepared for, so you text your best friend while your tears flow and she gives you her shoulder and a mustache mood ring, both of which make your day.

And sometimes, sometimes you wake up and decide to bake cookies because you haven’t baked in months and you need to remember the feeling of slowly melting butter, measuring out flour, and mixing dough with your bare hands.

Recipe can be found here.

I made quite the mess since i refused to grab a bigger bowl when my mixing got a wee bit out of hand. Free therapy much?

All was well though, because really, look at that dough. I mean, look at it!

Husby even helped out with the actual cookie sheet placing and oven timing. And cookie eating, of course.

Puffy cookies = win. 🙂


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