Roots and Boots

Something crazy happened today.

Husby and i finally came to the realization that we will be staying in the town and home we are currently living in for at least another year.

You may be saying to yourself, “Persnickety, what’s so crazy about that?”

Well my pals, let me tell you. Its crazy because Husby and i haven’t lived in one home longer than a year the entire soon to be five years we’ve been married. Let alone since we’ve been in Texas.

In fact, we’ve moved eight times since saying our vows in 2007.

So today’s revelation, kind of a big deal. Pictures are starting to be hung on walls. Boxes from the garage moved inside and unpacked. Our muddy front porch swept. A house slowly but surely turned into a home. Not exactly where we want to be, but we’re here and its about time we made the best of it.

Do you know what a married couple does once they decide to plant some roots? They go to Bed Bath & Beyond.

Officially one of my new favorite stores. Don’t even get me started on their K-Cup selection. Heaven! And their clearance shelves, well, let’s just say awesome stuff happens.



Oh yes we did.

And THAT is why planting roots is the best idea EVER.

*I made a lot of fun of Husby for wearing his socks his sandals. Feel free to do the same.
**He snorted. Not i.
***I did however almost wet myself from laughing. Almost.


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