Sunny Days

Technically its winter.

And technically i’m still wishing with all my might for some type of weather to reflect that. Highs of 80 degrees just don’t cut it. Oh winter… i miss thee…

Bright side, i did manage to stumble upon some gorgeous myer lemons in our grocery store this weekend.

Oh what a sunny sight.


I’m not gonna lie, i threw a bag of them into our shopping cart so fast that Husby didn’t notice until we were checking out. Which resulted in a raised eyebrow and a slight look of judgement at the $3 price tag.

After i attempted to explain that they weren’t JUST lemons, he chuckled to himself and we went on about our day.

Then this happened.


Now, while i’d like to say that i made these mini bites of sunshine and joy from scratch, i didn’t. In fact, i cheated. With a box of white cake mix.


Totally worth it. Simple, fast, tasty. Just how i like it. This was so simple there really isn’t a “recipe” for it. So here’s what i did,

1) Cracked 3 eggs into the bowl of my mixer.
2) Squeezed in the juice of one myer lemon.
3) Added in the zest of said lemon.
3) 1/4th cup coconut oil, plus more because it fell into the bowl as i was pouring. (oops)
4) Added half a cup of water.
5) Mixed well.
6) Dumped in cake mix.
7) Mixed some more.
8) Scooped into mini cupcake / muffin pans and baked at 350 for 12 to 15 minutes until cooked but not browned.
9) Once they were cooled i melted some white chocolate and drizzled it on top.


Yeah, they aren’t fancy. They aren’t some original amazing work of art. Whatever!!!

They are however, tasty, simple, lemony goodness mixed with soft plush pillows of vanilla.


$3 bucks well spent. Even Husby thinks so.


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