Monthly Musings – December

1) Its the end of 2011. ITS THE END OF 2011! Unreal.

2) I’ve been running into people i know whenever Husby and i go into town. This is rather remarkable because the only people i know here are neighbors and coworkers.

3) I was alone watching In The Kitchen With David on QVC and this happened as a result;


No regrets.


4) About two months ago i started training on a new client at work that has to do with marketing automation and software, yadda yadda…. and now every time i look at a form, shopping cart, or email from a company i wonder what software they use to run it and i go through a list of things that COULD be happening in the background and HOLY HECK MY BRAIN WON’T SHUT UP.

5) Then i get picture messages from Mother Dear and i have to wonder what goes through her chickens minds when they lay eggs like this;



6) Husby got us lost and had to ask for directions. I documented it for proof.


7) I have all of the ingredients to make these awesome yummy treats and i’m way too excited about it. Also, it seems this gal is from Sacramento and that automatically means they will taste fantastic. Not that i’m biased or anything.

8) I was in desperate need of new shoes. Husby took me to the Converse outlet in town. On the way there i told him i wanted rainbow shoes. He kept laughing at me. So i walked to the back clearance wall, pulled down a random box in my size, clouds parted, harps played, and magical pixie dust fell from the sky as i looked into the box and saw these;


I mean, how could i NOT buy them? Rainbow. Freaking. Shoes. Awesomesauce! Husby looked at me, then to the box, and back at me and went “Really? They’re kind of bright.”

Umm, does he not know who he’s married to?



9) When trying to surprise your significant other with a gift, its best to not use your debit card. Otherwise when the two of you are balancing your bank account and you see a line item for Half Price Books and another line item for the two of you will look at each other and laugh hysterically at how stupid you both are. Maybe next year we’ll remember to use cash to buy each other presents.

10) Its the end of 2011 ya’ll!!!! We’ve been in Texas now for 3 years and it feels like forever. I still find myself having a hard time missing certain aspects of California life. But here’s to surviving another year in this dang state. I have my best friend by my side, and i couldn’t ask for more.



2 thoughts on “Monthly Musings – December

  1. Hi Beth! Thanks a million for featuring my truffle recipe–I hope you make them because they’re seriously delicious and they’ll def. rock those sweet!! rainbow shoes off. Have a merry Christmas there in Texas; NorCal says hello 🙂


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