I’m Not Dead.

I do however have a gnarly cold that is kicking my butt and therefore feel like i’m dying.


Yay for working in a contained office space and sharing germs with coworkers!

Ah well.

Here’s the thing, i spend all day long sitting at a computer 5 days a week. This has resulted in my avoiding my laptop like its a Taylor Swift song. Just can’t do it.

This bums me out because i really, really, really miss my poor abandoned blog. I do read others, i just don’t leave comments because that would require me to touch my keyboard and that is where i draw the line.

Just know that i’m here. I’m reading your posts out there. I’m thinking of my little bubble and missing it. I’m taking pictures of moments i want to share with you and then letting them sit in a folder to wait patiently for the day i stop being so dang lame.

Pictures like cupcakes.


And album covers signed by Gavin Rossdale himself….. to me….with a heart. *swoon*


Oh Gavin. You complete my life.


Even pictures of Husby in the kitchen baking.


Perhaps i should have prepared you for that last one. Its a shocker. I know.

That said, i miss you all. ❤


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