Sunday Scenes: Zombie Status

Whew. What a week. My poor dear blog, so alone and neglected. I promise i thought about you all, i just couldn’t manage to sit down and write anything without falling asleep. I felt jet lagged from the schedule change and any time i wasn’t working or sleeping, i was trying to squeeze in what little time Husby and i have together now. Working the total opposite of your spouse isn’t ideal. To say the least. It’s left us a bit zombie-ish.


That said, i’m digging the new job. Its a lot of information to take in at once but with every day i feel more confident and secure in my work. The free lunch our bosses treated us to this week, twice, helps too.

You know what else helps? Surprise packages from friends! Especially when they contain homemade cherry pie candles that smell and look so good you have to keep yourself from eating them. Seriously, Husby’s tried to eat it twice now.


One thing i do have energy for? Painting my nails. Like, every other day. I blame the almost 3 years i worked at Starbucks and their strict no nail polish dress code. *Side note: i once forgot to remove all of my polish for a shift i had after two weeks off from being sick with the freaking BIRD FLU and my district manager sent a snarky email out complaining about it instead of just saying something to me. Last i heard she was fired. Oh karma…how i love thee.


I don’t know how it is for ya’ll, but its seriously hot here. I’m melting into a giant puddle of glitter and eyeliner. Someone send us some rain. Thanks.


Are you ready for the new week?


9 thoughts on “Sunday Scenes: Zombie Status

  1. I want to eat that candle…it looks soooo yummy! And I’m ready for a new week, but ive about had enough of this hotness…every time the puppy and I go out we are so drained by the sun that we need a nap!


    1. I loooooove my candle! You are the best! ❤

      I'm trying super hard not to bite my nails. I bought those sally decals or whatever they are on sale but i don't want to use them until i have more nail to cover. I have a feeling this may take a while. :p


    1. Thanks doll! They were kind of a pain. Lol. I don’t have any small brushes other than eye ones (not using them on this!) so i made due with toothpicks. Time consuming and sloppy but a bit fun nonetheless. 🙂


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