Sunday Scenes: Farewell Free Time!

I’m officially employed. Yay! I had a job interview while Husby was in California, and thought it went pretty good. I knew that they were contacting my references etc.. but it seemed to be taking some time and i didn’t want to “jinx” myself by getting too excited.

This week i got the official offer and start tomorrow. Thank goodness. I feel super fortunate to have been out of work for only a month. Especially these days. I’m also excited for the job itself!

One thing i’m concerned about is Walter the spaz. When we adopted him i had just quit my job and we quickly moved to Texas. The next job i got was working from home, so he’s never had to deal with my being gone full time. Here and there of course, but not on a normal basis.

He’s going to freak the heck out ya’ll.

In fact, Husby and i recently came home to this mess after a long day out.


Never before has he been so destructive! We replaced the blinds and have to keep them pulled up when i leave or else he starts in again. Not good.

So today Husby and i went and bought him one of these.


I plan on sticking some peanut butter in it when i leave in the morning and hope it will keep him busy for a while at least. *fingers crossed*

While at the pet store we came across this guy.


He scared my face.

This one even gave me the stink eye.


Then we swung by Payless Shoe Source to check out their summer deals. Husby found some flip-flops on sale for $6 bucks. Then the cashier gave us a coupon for $5 dollars off of a $10 dollar purchase.

So i grabbed these flip-flops for myself, which normally were $9.99 and $5.99, but were on sale for $3.00 and $2.00!


Which means that they were free after the coupon. Score!


Now i’m off to do some laundry and clean up the house before my new work week starts. 🙂

What did your weekend consist of?


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