My Phobias And Possible Future Proof For Husby To Have Me Committed.

This photo has nothing to do with this post.

Alright, here’s there deal. My mind = problematic. I tend to fear a lot of things. I’m not sure if its more than the “normal” person or not. Whenever i mention them to Husby he looks at me with one of two reactions.

1) A look of surprise, bafflement, and mocking. If it tickles his funny bone he will throw out comments to fuel my fearful fire, all with a smirk on his face, until i get mad and threaten to punch him in the nuts.


2) Slight annoyance and disbelief. Usually followed with “Seriously? That makes no sense and i don’t get it at all.” followed with a long sigh. And then i threaten to punch him in the nuts.

He’s nice like that. So am i.

So here it is, in no order, my phobias to date:

  • Paranormal things. – Ghosts, evil spirits, etc. And what do i do? I watch Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth like its going out of style. I’m smart like that.
  • Milk. – Specifically that ring that forms around the glass when you take a sip. You know, when it has that film that slowly slides back down? Just no.
  • Dying when my house is a mess. – Seriously. I hate the thought of my family coming to my house to deal with my things and having to sort and clean up a filthy place. Like its the end of the work week and the dishes are piled and the toilets need scrubbing and yay have fun with that my sweet family in mourning!
  • Windows at night. – There’s going to be a face of someone or something staring back at you. I. Just. Know. It.
  • Mirrors at night. – See above.
  • Feet hanging off of the bed. – Hi. I think we’ve all see those scenes in movies when a hand reaches up and grabs a person by their feet. In order to prevent this you MUST have your toes tucked into your blanket and not near any edges of the bed. Duh.
  • Throwing up. – I will do anything i can to avoid this at all costs. I can also say i have never been sick from drinking. And if i get the flu i live off of saltines and gatorade for days to be on the safe side.
  • Sinkholes. – Thanks to this.
  • Tornadoes. – In the same month i moved to an area that issues warnings, i also watched a Storm Chasers marathon. This leaves me to believe that the less i know the better.
I’m probably forgetting so many more, but this post is wordy enough i’m sure!

This photo has nothing to do with this post either. But if you’ve made it this far you deserve it.

What are your biggest fears / phobias?


8 thoughts on “My Phobias And Possible Future Proof For Husby To Have Me Committed.

  1. I used to fear getting up at night and coming back to someone in my bed. Amazingly it happened to me once. A little kid we were babysitting decided he wanted to sleep with me and crawled into my bed while I was up. -.-


  2. I feel so close to you now! Post #3 is one of my biggest fears…along with my parents or in laws having to deal with “the drawer”. Dont ask which drawer…you know the one! Ha! 😉


    1. This almost made me wet myself! Hahahaha!

      What’s worse? Having your parents find your drawer, or finding your parents drawer?


  3. So we share the same fears in regards to feet hanging and night mirrors. The other one I have in regards to bed time is looking under the bed, finding nothing, rolling over to sleep and discovering a troll/goblin/human/uncle in my bed. I have Ernest Scared Stupid to thank for that one.

    Biggest fear: Every time I have a lump, bump, scab, or greener than normal snot, I’m 110% sure that I’ll be dead within the hour. This leads to variations of the eyeroll/sigh combo from my trusty husband as well.


  4. I’m right there with ya on mirrors/windows at night (actually, mirrors anytime), ghosts and feet hanging off the bed. The mirror thing especially gets me because at night EVERY TIME after I wash my face and dry off I think that when I take the towel off my face something will be looking at me in the mirror. I’ve made my husband stand in the bathroom with my while I wash my face before. Hahaha!


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