Sunday Scenes: I Have Issues. I Know This.

I should probably warn you that i’m doped up on generic vicodin and antibiotics and probably shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near my laptop during this time but i’m 28 now so who’s gonna stop me?


So it rained here.


Actually it got super windy, the sky turned dark and i ran around like the crazy lady i am commencing my “Save yourself and the fur babies in case of a tornado” plan. Granted, there were no tornado warnings at the time, but i wasn’t taking any chances.

Have i mentioned i have a tornado phobia? I blame it on Storm Chasers. And Texas.

Back to the plan, i ran around grabbing our boxes of important paperwork, my laptop, shoved the cat and dog into the giant animal crate we have, and bunkered down with them in our closet. Which looks like this.


But hey, a gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do. Tight squeeze and all.

Thankfully, no tornadoes were spotted. The raining however only lasted about 3 minutes. Just enough to wash away the bug repellent that our monthly pest guy had sprayed a few days before. Hooray!

Then thursday i started to have serious tooth pain. The kind that makes you want to bang your head against the wall in an effort to distract yourself. I went to the dentist first thing on Friday morning and walked away with a detailed plan of what all i needed done. To the tune of $2,535.00 because being jobless means i can totally pull thousands of dollars out of my rump. Maybe they’ll let me pay for it with brownies?



The dentist gave me a low dose of pain meds, which make me feel all kinds of loopy, but have done nothing to help with the pain.

They have however provided multiple laughs while i played with my photo software today.


Smexy yes?

The dentist also gave me some antibiotics to take “just in case” and said i can stop taking them if they make me feel ill.



In other words, today is being spent in bed with both of the fur babies and a husband who keeps kneeing me while i play with the fun-house effect in my photo editing program and give myself manly beards because i’m too doped up on meds to function.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better. And that you’ve all had a much better weekend than i. 🙂


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