Tasty Tuesdays: Black Bean Brownies

I know. The title alone either has you rolling your eyes because you’ve seen these all over the place, or has you reeling in bafflement and fear.

Safe to say i reacted with a bit of both. But i’m a curious person and once i get an idea in my head i won’t stop thinking about it until i do it. Like that time i got my first tattoo. Mother Dear still swats at me over that one. Or that time i thought Husby and i should spray paint a kitchen wall in our teeny tiny downtown apartment with chalkboard paint. Cute effect. Bad call on the spray paint though. Lesson learned.

But sometimes good things come out of those stubborn ideas. Good things like rich chocolate brownies that fill up your house with a delectable scent as you stare at them wondering how beans can create something so magical.

Jack and the beanstalk anyone?

Full and Printable recipe here.
Adapted from this recipe.

I was a bit torn over which recipe to go with. I’d seen the easy peasy recipe on allrecipes, and had also read a variation in my nifty Now Eat This! book i won. So i did what i had to do. Followed the easy path and threw in my own stuff. Its how i roll. And bake.

Foods stuffs gathered. Check.


Beans rinsed, drained and tossed into blender with other noms. Check.


Mixture baked, cooled, and cookie cuttered into adorable brownie bites. Check, check, and check.


I didn’t have any chocolate chips, but i did (and do) have a ton of butterscotch and peppermint chips thanks to Husby and his love of the clearance bin at work. With these i did one half butterscotch and the other peppermint. Husby devoured them both.


This had to have been the easiest batch of brownies i’d ever whipped up. They really hit the spot without pulling on that guilt trip rope that normal brownies tend to. For me, i thought they had a bit of “healthy” flavor to them, but it could have been because i knew they were beans. Husby said they were delicious and that you couldn’t tell. The rate he inhaled them at makes me take his word on it.


*Side note: While i was browsing the reviews on the original recipe, i came across this comment and it almost made me wet myself. I can’t say that this was the case for us in the Hall house, but hey, consider yourself warned! :p



10 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesdays: Black Bean Brownies

    1. The original recipe calls for chocolate chunks / chips instead of the butterscotch, but i didn’t have any. I’m sure that would make it much more brownie-ish. But honestly, Larry is way picky about his food, and he totally liked these. I thought hands down he wouldn’t like them at all but he kept eating them with a glass of milk and said no one would ever know if they weren’t told in advance.


  1. Okay.. these are blowin’ my mind! I have got to make these!

    Do you think another type of oil would work? The original recipe says vegetable but I wanted to know if coconut is better. I’m really bad at baking :\


    1. Oh totally! I just used coconut because its what i had on hand. Same with the butterscotch and peppermint chips. You could follow the original recipe or add in whatever you’d like.

      Let me know what you think if you make them! 🙂


      1. I made these last night and they were *amazing*! THey were really beany out of the oven, but I left them in the fridge overnight and I think the ingredients/flavors merged together a bit more because you would not be able to tell at all that these were made with black beans. Thank you for the recipe!


    1. Lol! One of my FB friends was freaked out by this, but she made them and has now been told by her family that she HAS to make them again. They are worth it! I promise! 😀


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