Sunday Scenes: Veggie Quest

Husby is still out of state and since i’m alone and currently unemployed (not by choice!) i find myself drinking a bottle of watermelon Four Loko and scrubbing down my fridge.

At least i can be a productive boozer.

Yesterday though, before i had made my alcoholic purchase, i ventured into town to scope out the local farmers market. Here is it, start to end.


I was hoping that i could score some deals on veggies and fruit. But instead i left feeling bummed out and homesick for the farmers markets i grew up with in Sacramento.

Our town in small, so i didn’t expect much of a selection, but i was surprised by the prices. In Sacramento i could spend $20 bucks and come back with bags and bags of produce. Of course, i haven’t been there for almost three years, so i’m not sure if its still the same in that regard or not.

Here though my $20 bucks got me this,


  • 2 small eggplants
  • small bowl of overripe peaches
  • small bowl of tomatoes
  • bunch of carrots

I also purchased a loaf of seed bread which is not pictured here. That in itself was $5.00 so overall $15 of it went to produce. But still. I could get organic veggies from our local store for cheaper!

I was excited at the thought of supporting local farmers and business, but there is no way i’m going to be able to at those prices. Another thing i thought was odd is everything was pre-bundled. You couldn’t just pick up a few carrots, you had to buy them as a whole. Therefore paying the set price for the group instead of a per pound price.

Husby and i are planning on checking out the farmers markets in Austin soon. I have a feeling that not only will there be way more choices offered, but hopefully at a more reasonable cost.

What do you think? Fair prices or not so much?


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