Maps + Persnickety = Fail

Today i had to drop off Husby at the airport in Austin so he could fly back to Sacramento for his mother’s memorial service. Needless to say, our emotions were on high alert.

We left our place at 5:00 AM on two hours of sleep. We drove through the dark country side and into Austin just fine. I had never actually driven into Austin myself, i’m normally the passenger, but i had Husby there to guide me where to go.

After i dropped him off, i picked up the Map Quest directions we had printed out and made my way back in the direction we had came. I would like to note here that Husby and i had gotten into a mild tiff over which map service to use. I said Google Maps, Husby said Map Quest. I gave in and just went with his choice.

Then i got lost. Like, WAY lost. Twice. All the while trying to reference the printed instructions i had. Nothing on that paper made sense….. at all. Eventually i pulled over and bawled my eyes out because i had no clue where i was or which way to even go at that point.

And before you ask, no, i don’t have a smart phone.

After much time had passed i finally found a small quick mart that looked open. I hurriedly walked into the store. Puffy eyes, red nose, and all. The clerk, a short older Hindu man, looked up at me and i blurted out “I’m lost! So totally lost!”

I swear you could see the sympathy wash over his face. He gave me the easiest and best directions ever, and 5 minutes later i was on the freeway i needed to be and headed back home.

Thank goodness for that man.

Also, i’d like to show where everything went wrong. Probably because Map Quest had me go in the WRONG DIRECTION.



Now i’m home drinking a spiked iced coffee because i so deserve it.



4 thoughts on “Maps + Persnickety = Fail

  1. I feel your pain…I pretty much think north is whichever direction I’m facing, and I get lost in the town I live in, even tho I’ve been here four years. Sad, I know. So what I really need is for you to share your spiked iced coffee recipe…it looks tasty!


    1. Glad to know i’m not alone! Haha. My iced coffee was super easy peasy. I poured some chilled coffee over ice, added half a shot of vodka, and some Almond Joy flavored creamer my husband had brought home. That’s it! 🙂


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