Sunday Scenes: Yes, i’m awesome AND i totally make sense. Duh.

Yesterday i posted this picture on my twitter and facebook showing how i keep my iced coffee drinking classy.


After that, Husby went and made himself a glass and in true Hall form, kept it classy too.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the win!

Later on, Husby headed out back with his weed chopper thing-a-ma-bob to saves us from the over grown sunflowers currently invading us.

As i sat inside stalking people on “the” facebook, our back door burst open, Husby ran inside, with full force pushed his way into the bathroom and leaped into the shower…..fully clothed. I stood there a bit baffled until i heard him utter “@$%*ing fire ants!”

Then i laughed. A lot. Because i am a gigantic jerk. Which means i also told everyone on my facebook so they could laugh too.

To redeem my jerk self, i did locate a benedryl and some calamine lotion for him. He, clearly, thinks i’m an awesome wife.


Once Husby recovered from his trauma we headed out to the local movie theater to watch the latest Transformers flick.


One of the scenes takes place in Chernobyl. Yes that Chernobyl. This lead to this conversation between Husby and myself;

Persnickety: “You know, that made NO sense. When the army dudes and Fergie’s hubby landed in Chernobyl they weren’t wearing protective gear. Only when they went inside one of the buildings did they bother to put on a suit and mask. Like, ok, just drive up to the building. No biggy. Pffft.”

Husby: *staring at me* “Wha?”

Persnickety: “Well hello… that is so unrealistic! You can’t just drive up to the building like that! And with no gear and all exposed?! Puh–lease. They’d have to wear gear WAY before they even got to the building. And even then they would only have a little bit of time until the exposure was too much. Don’t these movie people do any research these days?! Geez. I mean, i saw the episode of Destination Truth were Josh Gates investigated Chernobyl for ghosts. I know these things.”

Husby: “So you’re saying that a science fiction movie about an alien race who transforms into cars and other objects is realistic? Out of all of the things we just watched in the movie, crazy battles, people falling out of skyscrapers and still surviving, etc… the only thing that ISN’T realistic is that they didn’t wear safety gear when they went to Chernobyl???”

Persnickety: “Exactly. That and the fact that blondie managed to keep her high heels on the entire time. There is no way that she could run through devastated Chicago, and be flung around that skyscapper over and over as those decepty-con-thingies took it down. That’s just silly.”

Husby: ……….. “Stop talking.”

Ps… Husby says that “decepty-con-thingies” are actually “Decepticons.”

Pss… Husby also says that if there are any future Transformers movies he’s not taking me.

Psss… Husby just can’t handle the awesome that is me.


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