>Tasty T’s: Easy Salsa Chicken.


I had grandiose plans for this week’s Tasty T. Then i realised i was missing ingredients. Then i realised that yeast + dough = time. Then i scrapped those plans and tried to whip up something together on a whim. That then resulted in turkey burger fail.

So i gave up. Got irritated. Threw a mini tantrum by myself. Ate a sugar free fudge bar. Stubbed my toe. Painted my nails. Played some Farkle on facebook. Did a load of dishes. And finally got over it.

I never said i coped with things in the correct manor ya’ll.

After temporally resolving my issues, i remembered that i had seen a post over at A Healthy Slice Of Life that seemed super easy, which at my fickle state was exactly what i needed.

Best decision i made all week.


Husby and i are fans of frozen corn. Its so handy to throw in soups or salads. It gave this recipe a nice crunch and a hint of sweetness. All i did was dump the corn into my crockpot, lay the chicken on the corn, and poured a jar of salsa on top.


After that i walked away and let it cook over night for 8 hours. This way it was ready to eat when Husby got off of work in the morning.


Husby ate his in tortillas as soft tacos. I however placed some shredded cabbage and black beans into a bowl, scooped on the chicken mixture, and topped it with a dollop of sour cream and shredded cheese.


A drizzle of fresh lime juice and some whole wheat tortilla also rounded it out. So easy, so yummy, and so delicious.



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