>Sunday Scenes: Snapshots Of Life


After staying at home for 3 days while we tried to work through some grief issues, we decided to pack up and head for the hill country to visit our family for a couple of days. At this point there are 11 of our family members living within walking distance of each other, and my nephew and niece were visiting as well, so we were able to see almost everyone in one easy visit!

Day One: Mother dear had us all create our own pizzas for dinner. High five if you can guess which one i made.


Henry showed me Mother Dear’s chickens, (as he does every time we visit)


and seemed to be quite proud.


We played games throughout the day and into the night. It was great to see Husby smiling.



Day Two: More games. We may be addicted.


Oh, and you may recognize this cute little marshmallow as the Crazy Bat Dog, but for the record her name is Kadie. Not Katie. Oooops. Sorry about that puppy nugget.


At the end of the day, which also included watching my Nana make her famous butterscotch pies from scratch and enjoying some Alaskan halibut and African antelope with my Uncle and Aunt, i sat back and watched my niece try to darken my nephew’s facial hair with mascara. Aka, gathered more blackmail to hang over my nephews head.


Family and laughter, who could ask for more?

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