>Tasty Tuesdays: Ginger Beets


Beets. Some people like them, most seem to hate them. I however dig them.

I think it started back when i was 5 years old. My family had just moved from a teeny tiny town in Arizona to what we felt was a huge California city, Sacramento. My parents were overwhelmed and trying to find a place to eat dinner, when they came across a hole in the wall restaurant named Trails.

As we walked inside the small building we were welcomed by the lone waitress on shift and sat at a table that had most likely been there years before i was born. The walls were decorated with old cowboy print wallpaper and faded handwritten poster board signs with the “daily” specials. Daily being every single day for the last billion years.

We felt right at home.

Soon after we ordered our meals, our waitress brought us each a simple salad. Nothing fancy. Iceberg lettuce with a couple of carrots sticks, and topped with chilled beets. From a can. Now, i know the thought of canned beets may send you running for the hills with the heebie jeebies, but for me they are part of 20 years of memories. The only times i ever ate them were when they were sitting on top of that simple salad from Trails.
Husby and i even had our wedding reception dinner there!

That said, i hadn’t eaten a beet since we left California. Then a week ago Husby and i were perusing the produce isles at 1:30 in the morning and i saw these.


So i bought them. And they sat in my fridge while i nervously stared at them about 3 times a day trying to figure out what the heck i was going to do with them.

Three days later while making my usual blog rounds i saw this post from Averie.
Fate. Total fate.

I busted out my latex gloves (no reason to mess up the manicure i had given myself two hours before) and got to work.


Things to note:

  • Don’t skip the gloves. Just don’t.
  • Line your pan with foil like she says. Easiest clean up ever.
  • I used coconut oil instead of olive oil. Best decision i made that day.
  • I left off the salt and pepper. No regrets.

The ginger and the natural sugars from the beets blended perfectly together resulting in just the right amount of a “root” taste. I ate some as a side to our dinner that night which gave my plate a nice variety of textures and flavors.


I also recommend them on a bed of spinach with some goat cheese and almonds. Yum!

*Side note; Husby is doing well. He has his moments which is to be expected. But he is an amazingly strong man and i know he will get through this as he has the help and support of so many friends and family who love him.


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