>Babble List


#1 I’m addicted to iced coffee. We had a high of 101 degrees here today and all i could think about was getting an iced coffee. I drove into town only to find that i had left my debit card at home. I’m buying a coffee pot tonight.

#2 There was a kid who graduated with my nephew and his last name was Bueller. Husby and i almost peed ourselves when his name was called during the ceremony. I’m still chuckling over it. I’m totally mature, clearly.

Kanyon, not Bueller.

#3 I can’t stand Taylor Swift. I just can’t. I don’t know why but she irks me. Almost as bad as that Bieber kid. Almost.

#4 We’re in the middle of a drought and everything is turning brown around here. We also have no grass (which is fine with me, small water bill!) but we have wild sunflowers everywhere. They have taken over.



#5 I just realised i made totally fantastic pineapple cupcakes with a toasted coconut white chocolate frosting and i never shared them with you. I’m a jerk. I promise to rectify this situation soon.


#6 Walter The Spaz stole one of Tofu Ninja Kitty’s toys we bought from Ikea 4 years ago. It finally declared defeat to Walter’s shank tooth.


He’s rather torn up about it.


Guess this means we need to make a trip to Ikea to stock up again. Drats! 

*Heh heh heh.*

One thought on “>Babble List

  1. >1…. My neighbours sister's last name is Bueller… and no joke, they had a little girl two years ago and named her Farris… lol2…. I 100% agree… Taylor Swift drives me up the wall too!!3… I soooo want that recipe!! I love pineapple!!! :DOhhh and 4.. I love the new look of the Blog!! ❤


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