>Sunday Scenes: Graduation


My nephew graduated last weekend. I, magically, didn’t bawl my eyes out. I’m pretty sure my nephew is entirely ok with that. Evidently having your aunt weep hysterically isn’t so much fun, nor is it a pretty picture when her eyeliner runs down her face.

Good thing i kept myself busy trying to take pictures of him cross the stage. Oh wait, those pictures didn’t turn out because i have a lil point and shoot that i haven’t read the manual to and i was sitting forever away from the stage.

At least i can weep in the privacy of my own home. Eyeliner streaks free.

Its almost a 5 hour drive to my brother and sister in laws house, but Walter The Spaz was ready for the mini road trip.


Us gals primped before the big day.


These strings of glass were set up for the event and Mother Dear and i loved them.


Remember that poll we had for Husby’s face hair? Well he cleaned up nicely.


Graduating class of 2011


Afterwards Kanyon humored us and gave hugs to the whole family. I failed to get pictures of him hugging his girlfriend Brittany, Husby, and myself which is a bummer. I tried. They just turned out as blurs. I blame the heat. Or my emotions. How about both?


I still can’t believe he’s so grown up. It feels like he was just born a few years ago. Time is flying and i’m just glad we’re able to be here for milestones.


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