>Tasty Tuesdays: Now Eat This Diet!


First and foremost let me just say i’m sorry i’ve been missing in action these last few days. I was out of town for my nephew’s graduation and just didn’t have time to post.

Today’s Tasty Tuesday isn’t a recipe, but it is food related. If you haven’t heard of Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen, you need to get your tush over to her blog asap! 

She is a creative genius and always posts awesome treats that make you want to slap yourself for deciding to read her posts at two in the morning when the local grocery store is closed instead of during a respectable time of day.

Recently she hosted a giveaway for a new cookbook by Rocco Dispirito. I, amazingly, happened to win!

Did i mention that it is an autographed copy?



I. Know. I giggled like the teeny bopper i once was while Husby stared at me with one brow furrowed and a look of judgement across his face. Then i showed him a recipe for a steak salad and he broke into giggles too.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, but, i have to say i was honestly surprised by it. 

Somethings i feel are note worthy are:

There are two recipe indexes in the book. The first one breaks the recipes into categories, is color coded, and lists the calorie count for each recipe. I think this is awesome because you won’t need to flip through each individual recipe page in order to find out what the calorie count is. Time saving = win.


The first 100 pages of the book include a ton of helpful information such as a meal plan, ingredient lists, how to cook techniques, exercise information, etc. Seriously, everything you need to know that will help you understand how counting calories works and what tools you will need before you get started.


The book focuses on using whole unprocessed foods. Rocco also gives tips on how to save time and realistic ways to succeed even if you’re a busy person. This i think will be a key factor for Husby and i.

But my favorite part of the book is the fact that the recipes listed are things that Husby will actually eat. I have a few other “low cal” cook books that definitely have some recipe switches that i know i will like, but nothing that i can whip together as a meal for the two of us. This book is completely different. Husby sat there flipping through the pages and practically drooled all over the place.

Steaks, barbecue pork chops, thanksgiving plate with all the fixings. All meals i could make in bulk and freeze my portions while doubling up Husby’s.

I mean, Rocco even included a cheeseburger recipe. With beef, not a veggie burger. This made Husby fall in love.


There are of course lighter options as well. Salads, soups, sandwiches and smoothies. Oh yes. Ya’ll know i love my smoothies.

Overall i’m really excited to give this book a try. I like the fact that he isn’t just listing recipes, but the reasoning behind them. In addition Rocco even gives alternative food options so that you can take the theory and method behind his plan and create your own meals and recipes instead of just his. Which cookbook author do you know that does that?!

Awesomesauce i say.


*This is in no way a paid advertisement. I have not received any compensation for this post. I’m just stoked to have won this book and wanted to share what i think is a nifty book with my friends.

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