>Peachy-Keen Sweet Biscuits.


Yesterday i managed to spill a full bottle of water next to Husby’s laptop, his laptop charger, and our printer. I saved these items by quickly pulling the blanket Walter The Spaz was bundled up in and throwing it on the spill. 

After my heart attack stopped and i was sure there was no water damage i looked over to find Walter giving me a look similar to this one.



Do you know what you should do when you’ve just been burned by your fur baby? Bake. Bake something slightly sweet with a hint of tart peach. Something like these.


Full and Printable Recipe here.

Fresh fruit can be hard to come by around here, but you’d be amazed what you can do with frozen fruit!



These turned out better than i thought they would. Husby and i enjoyed that they weren’t too sweet and that you can really build onto them per your preference.


And if your preference is to add butter and a sugar glaze, you and i should probably be best friends.


Husby, Walter, and i are off to the Dallas area today to visit my brother and family. I’ll try to post from there, but i can’t make any promises! Otherwise i’ll be back Tuesday. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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