I am stoked.

Why for you say?

Because today is Wednesday.

But Persnickety, you say, what is so special about that?

Let me tell you my fine friends. Two words; Ghost Hunters.


Tonight there is a new episode on *SyFy. I’m pretty sure there haven’t been any new episodes in like FOREVER.

Also, every time i type, think, or say the word “forever” i instantly replay a scene from The Sandlot.

Every. Single. Time.

That’s normal right?

Not only is there a new episode tonight, but Josh Gates, the host from my other fave Syfy show Destination Truth, is a special guest.

The dude searches for monsters. I mean, can you say Awesome-sauce?

You may or may not know that i am a total sissy la la pants when it comes to these types of things. In fact, the first episode i ever watched was right after we had moved to Texas, and i sat there with my hands over my ears and my eyes glued shut in terror. Husby on the other hand was sitting next to me laughing the entire time.

He also threw in a few “Omg. Did you see that? I think someone or something is looking in our window.”

He’s super nice like that.

Persnickety and her Niece Squishy doing their best GH impressions two summers ago.


Two and a half years later, i’m completely addicted to this show. I still have my moments of terror, just not AS bad. However, i did see that there is a new show premiering after tonight’s episode, and it’s based on objects being haunted.


Leave it to SyFy to create shows based on my phobias. Leave it to me to become obsessed with them.

If you need me, i’ll be the gal wrapped up in a blanket with a chiuaua/papillon fur baby stuck to her side while she tries not to pee her pants.


*For the record SyFy, i’m still irritated by the spelling change of your name. Just saying.*

Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth images taken from syfy.com

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