>Letters To A Fur Baby.


Dear Tofu Ninja Kitty,


Today as i swept up your hair clumps on my floor, refreshed your litter box, and cleaned up the pile of undigested cat food you left in the middle of my kitchen, i began to wonder why, just why, i ever welcomed you into our home in the first place.

But then i remembered how you stalk the doors and windows in search of any enemy spiders or other insects who dare cross our threshold.


And how you share your window sleeping space with Walter The Spaz, even though you really don’t want to.



Plus there is that whole “ninja” thing you’ve got going for ya.


So i guess what i’m saying dear Tofu Ninja Kitty, is thank you for letting me smuggle you into our old teeny tiny apartment those 4 years ago.

Now if you can, please tell your father to pick up his clothes instead of leaving them on the furniture.


And maybe stop yakking in my kitchen. Mmmkay?

Your Mumsy,


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