>What A Mustache-trophe : Poll!


Husby, Lambert style.

Post has been updated with multiple suggestions as well as a poll!

This is Husby back in December.


Sorry. His face gets me. Could be one of the reasons i married him.

This is Husby the other day.


Lets compare shall we?


I decided that he needs a new look for that birds nest on his face but was stumped on ideas. Then i asked my Facebook friends for mustache ideas. They came through with flying colors, most of which i cannot say here because, ya know, family blog.

You filthy people! ←— I heart you all though.

Behold, the beauty that is Husby.


Kinda looks like a rodent died on his lip, no?


Urrrrm….. *blink blink*


Not gonna lie, i kinda dig this one.


No comment.

And my personal favorite,


I had to add this to the mix. My nephew suggested that Husby go the Adam Lambert route, and i think it was the best suggestion yet.

What do ya’ll think Husby should do next?


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