>Tasty Tuesdays: Cool Mint Coco Cookies.


Yes, i know its Wednesday. Hopefully Walter dazzled you with his furry face yesterday.


That’s ok. I happened to bake a batch of “I’m sorry my husband mooned you” cookies. They also work well as “I’m sorry my post is a day late” bribe treats.

Just saying.


I’ve finally learned to gather all of my ingredients before i start. Only took me 27 years.

Crazy cowboy optional.


I would like to point out that both the Andes chips and the Willy Wonka chocolates were clearanced out products Husby scored from work. Fifty cent chocolates? Yes please.

p.s…. is “clearanced” a real word? Whatever. I’m using it.


I creamed, mixed, chopped and mixed some more.


And was rewarded with these delicious babies.


Once i suggested that Husby take some over to the neighbors (as was my plan) he got very quiet, looked at me, and said “Heck no! I’m not sharing these!” and proceeded to eat another cookie.

Go make these. You’ll swoon.



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