>Sunday Scenes: Feeling Squirrelly.


Yesterday i made a quick drive into town to grab an iced latte before work. I came to a stop sign on the long road in and saw that there was a teeny little squirrel crossing the street in front of me.

I thought it was kind of odd because i’m not used to seeing any squirrels by our house. I’m sure they are there, but i’ve just never see them unless i’m in town.

So i sat there and watched as it reached the halfway mark in the road. Fuzzy little tail. Cute little nose. Shaking its fluffy little rump as it made its way across. Too cute.

And at that very moment a giant hawk swooped down, grabbed it and flew off with my squirrel friend.

I now have the image burned into my brain.

Dramatic, yes. Traumatic, totally.

Today i made my coffee at home. I couldn’t take another scene like yesterday’s.


It’s also the only western thing i own.



It was a full unopened jar too. I thought about washing every slice off and saving them, but realized that eating a stray shard of glass would probably suck.

Stop judging me. Have you seen the price of pickles lately?

The big news is that it rained here.


This caused me to miss an hour of work.

Oh darn.


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