>Tasty Tuesday: Baked Kale Chips.


I don’t know what is going on with me lately. I seem to be going through a greens phase in my life. Out of nowhere i find myself intrigued by foods that used to seem quite foul to me.

Maybe it’s because i’ll be turning twenty eight in two months and i realize that no matter how much i fight it, i’m a full blown adult. Shoot, i’m almost middle aged. And middle aged people eat their greens right?

Excuse me, i need to go find a corner to sob in. While i’m doing that you should really make these chips. No matter what your age, i think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how tasty they are. 

Now please pass me a tissue.


Full & Printable Recipe here.
This was my first time cooking with kale. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. For some reason i assumed it would have a stronger flavor. Who knew it was so mild?


Once you have set your oven to preheat, begin by washing, drying, and cutting your kale into similar sized leaves. You’ll want them to cook evenly.


Then add the oil and seasonings, mix well with your hands, and spread out the leaves onto a baking sheet.


The hardest part about this recipe is the temperature and timing. The original recipe i was following is here.

That recipe says to bake it at 350 degrees for 12 to 14 minutes. I did use this temperature, but checked on them after 10 minutes, and my chips were burnt. Our oven is brand new and i’ve noticed that i have to really lower the heat on this thing because whoa it works.

So i made a second batch. (This is why in my recipe instructions i suggest starting with a small test batch.)

This time i still cooked them at 350, but i started checking on them 5 minutes in. With my oven it took about 8 minutes total for them to crisp up. I think that with my next batch i’ll try a lower temp to see how my oven does.

Because i had to make that second batch, it was by that time night and my final product pictures have that yellow indoor glow to them. I do apologize for that.


Now, these tasty little crisps aren’t exactly pretty. They’re baked greens, and they look like baked greens. But the texture and the taste = fantastic. I’m already planning out future flavor combos for these little babies. Ranch. Nacho. Walnut and raspberry. Wasabi and soy. Heck, maybe even Cinnamon and sugar.

Ok, that last one might be too weird, but that’s the great thing about experimenting with things that don’t always sound appealing. You just may surprise yourself.



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