>Sunday Scenes: Moon Edition.


We have a window above our kitchen sink. This window has no blinds on it. Every other window in the house does, except for this one. Our house is one of two duplexes which are right next to each other. These houses mirror each other, which means that if you are standing in front of this open window, you will be looking straight into a matching open window of the house over.

This window has given me much distress. For one, i have a window phobia. I just know someone or something is going to be looking back at me. And two, i don’t want my neighbors being able to peep in at any old time of the day or night.

Because i wouldn’t stop whining about this lone window Husby finally bought a drill and some blinds and attempted to shut me up. Two minutes in he mumbled something about “doing this later” and walked away.

The next morning Husby was talking to one of our neighbors who lives in that duplex across from us. The neighbor informed Husby that he and his wife had been standing at their kitchen sink and waving to him. Husby of course never saw them.

This means that all of my whining was for valid reasons. This also means that the time Husby was standing in the hallway, naked, shaking his booty at me while proclaiming no one could see him, they most likely did.

I’m thinking i should probably bake them some “I’m so sorry that my husband didn’t listen to me and mooned you” cupcakes.

Anyone have a recipe for that?


I would like to point out that 2 seconds after i took that picture something bit my foot. This is why nature and i don’t get along.




I just want to poke them.


Donkey lives this way.

And even though my Mother Dear doesn’t celebrate today’s holiday, i am thinking about her and wishing i didn’t have to work so dang much and could visit her and Father Dear more often.


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