>A List: Lesson Learned.


#1 I’m addicted to the site HauteLook.  Recently i bought an Urban Decay lip gloss for insanely cheap. I didn’t really pay attention to the package, just the color and the price.Then once i opened it, this is what i found looking back at me.


Turns out if you rotate the image, this happens.


Yes, there is a backside as well.



Now i feel like a perv anytime i want a little shine on my lips.

Lesson learned.

#2 Little Gen and i had an accident. I was making my morning smoothie (of course) and everything started out fine. Five seconds in i heard an odd noise. Upon removing the lid i saw this.


Apparently i hadn’t secured the washer in place and therefore obliterated it.


Lesson learned.

#3 If you are eating at a restaurant for the first time and you whip out your camera to document your tasty food, its quite possible that the staff may get the wrong impression and assume that you’re some type of critic. And then they may go out of their way to check on you 50 million times through out your meal because you’ve just scared the poo out of them.


Lesson learned, AND noted.

2 thoughts on “>A List: Lesson Learned.

  1. >I bought the GE smoothie blender about 2 weeks ago and LOVE IT!! All thanks to you, I might add. =D It does come with an extra washer, but i'm sure you knew that. xoxo!


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