>Tasty Tuesdays: Cheesy Egg & Mock Spinach Pesto Muffin


I’ve cleaned my kitchen three times today so far, with a fourth time on the way. This is what happens when 75% of your kitchen accessories are still packed in boxes because you’d rather watch hours of Income Property reruns on HGTV than unpack.

Have you SEEN the host of that show?



I’m thinking Scott McGillivray must love him some spinach. How else could he have those guns?

What’s that? By hard work you say? Hmmm. Nah. Its gotta be the spinach. Good thing i’ve been on a spinach kick of late.


Full & Printable recipe here.

First i used Little Gen to shred a stick of string cheese, and to create my mock spinach pesto, which i used on one side of an english muffin.


Then i cooked an egg sunny side up until it was almost ready. If you’re a fan of runny eggs, you’ll want to cook it slightly less than i did. I get heebie jeebies from runny yolks. 

But lets not get into what all i get heebie jeebies from. Its quite the list. 

Then i placed the egg onto the other side of the english muffin and sprinkled with more of the cheese. Cute little egg isn’t it?


Then i placed both sides under the broiler for a bit. Don’t walk away if you make this. Just DON’T walk away. Watch it like a hawk or you’ll end up with a burnt muffin.



Once the egg is cooked to your favorite consistency, remove from oven and carefully place pesto side on top of the cooked egg.



This was so good. Crunchy, creamy, cheesy, and easy.

Tofu would like to say she agrees with me, but even her attempt of politely sitting at the table didn’t persuade me to share.



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