Donkey Loving.


I have a new obsession.

Husby says i shouldn’t go around telling people my new obsession because it doesn’t sound right. I told Husby he should really look in the mirror and work on his burps because they sound like a pterodactyl’s mating call and THAT doesn’t sound right. Then Husby was like “how do you know what a pterodactyl’s mating call sounds like?” and i was all “because i’m 20 months older than you which means i know more stuffs…..duh.”

Captain obvious that Husby is.

Meet my obsession;


Donkey lives close by. Anytime we leave the house and drive into town we pass by him. And every time we pass by him i squee. Loudly. With a high pitch.

I. Love. Him.

Husby also says i shouldn’t tell people that i love a donkey. That’s usually when i tell him people won’t care because they already know i’m married to a Jackass, so my love for a donkey is only to be expected.

Husby tends to stop telling me what i shouldn’t do at that point.


This guy has to be one of the cutest things ever. He flops on his back like a dog. He makes all kinds of crazy “hee-haw” sounds in the morning like a rooster. He stands on top of his little hill and reenacts scenes from The Lion King.


Donkey may not know this yet, but i think he and i could be great friends. I just need to get started on a makeshift hill in our backyard and stockpile donkey food.

No biggie.


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