>Tasty Tuesdays : Working At Home Edition.


It’s busy season at work which means i haven’t had much time for meal planning. In fact, because work is so hectic at the moment and i’ve resulted in turning on the New Age music station from our satellite provider to trick myself into thinking i’m in a calming environment rather than being yelled at by jerk face customers.

Hasn’t helped me much but Its done wonders for Tofu.


This lack of extra time has left Husby and i rather lazy when it came to meal planning. We work opposite hours, so times to sit and eat together are not a normal occurrence unless i plan ahead and drag myself out of bed after 4 hours of sleep. Neither one of those things has happened this week so far.

After all, we do have those 96 million quiches and lean cuisines to get us through.


Today i couldn’t take it anymore. I needed some type of vegetable in my life. One that didn’t come out of the microwave. And then i found Jessica’s Crispy Cauliflower recipe.

It was fate.



Two things: 1) I stuck these little nuggets into the oven, started working, and totally forgot about them. So they ended up cooking for more like an hour. I know, i know. They ended up still tasting great but my pan is DEFINITELY going to need some elbow grease now.

And 2) Jessica’s recipe didn’t include the minced garlic, but does include a dip that sounds amazing. I didn’t have all of the ingredients, nor the time to make the dip, so i made due with what i had. But i’m soooooo trying her dip next time with it.




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