>Sunday Scenes: “Wildlife” Edition


A week and some days ago we picked up our first house guest visiting from California. As the three of us sat packed in our truck for the 30 some mile drive back home, our guest noticed a sign warning to watch out for “Extreme Wildfire Conditions.” Except that she read it as “Wildlife” and asked what the heck kind of dangers were we facing.

We laughed, and laughed, and continued our catching up.

Looking back on that conversation, it would seem that perhaps she had been on to something. Because within one week we’ve had multiple wildlife situations.

For example, i walked out our front door to start a load of laundry.


But then i looked down.


*Ew ew ew ew ewwwwwwww.*

I’m guessing maybe it thought i was going to save it and flip it over, because when i came back out of our garage / laundry area it didn’t seem to be as happy.


Then Husby informed me that there was a dead rabbit in our back yard. How it got in there, we have no clue. How it died, also a mystery.

I did offer to dispose of it myself, but Husby grumbled something like “I’ve GOT this” and set out with a garbage bag.


*blink blink*

Thankfully he made up for his totally LOVELY behavior by taking care of this mess that ALSO showed up on our front porch.


And with that, i am officially declaring an“Extreme Wildlife Conditions” warning.

You’re welcome.


5 thoughts on “>Sunday Scenes: “Wildlife” Edition

  1. >OMG woman!! Only YOU would have me looking at a cockroach to actually see if it was pleading with a sad face!! :;runs to bathroom to clean my eyes out with bleach:: Yuck yuck yuck!! And man oh man, that snake is….. ::runs away screaming like a lil girl:: BTW, hubs is smexy!! You go girl. Love your creativity. Might i suggest a career move into the magazine article writers field?? You are hilarious!! Thumbs up!


  2. >@ Anonymous – Is that you Squishy???? :)Larry needed the trash bags to pick up the dead rabbit. In the first picture of him he's holding an empty trash bag. In the second he's holding a golf club with the snake on it. @ Pleazantry – Hahahahaha! Its in the roaches antennas. :DAnd thank you for the compliments!


  3. >Please, please, please post warnings of insect pictures!!!! I'm still shaking in my boots at those pictures! Love the post though 🙂 your friend must be psychic!


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