>Tasty Tuesdays : Thursday Edition.


I realize today is Thursday. But you see, i’ve had a house guest this week which turned out to be the perfect excuse to not cook, at all.

We grubbed on steak at Texas Road House. Sandwiches and whipped sweet potatoes at Diner 24 in Austin. Gelato from Whole Foods. Coconut and peanut tofu at a place called Thai Thai. Pizza and garlic bread while we played games. Mexican food and margarita’s at a place who’s name escapes me, but is quickly turning into one of my faves here. As well as candy apples and fudge from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

It was rough ya’ll.
When we weren’t chowing down, we were shopping at the outlets, or better yet, trying not to pass out from our food comas.



After our guest flew back to California, (sniffle), Husby began whining that i hadn’t baked in a while. He also kept mentioning that he would love some cupcakes.

Husby doesn’t believe in hinting. He believes in “You should bake me some cupcakes.”

So i did. Because i’m awesome like that. Or because i was bored and trying to forget that there was a giant snake on our front porch. Stupid Texas.

The thing about baking is it usually requires you to have things like eggs, or butter. I happened to have neither. So i experimented with what i did have.


Instead of adding the eggs and oil the box called for, i threw in some water, and about two and a half bananas.


Since we use frozen bananas in our smoothies instead of ice, i cut my bananas up and stick them in a ziplock bag in the freezer. This way we can grab a few easily. For the cupcakes i had taken the bananas out and let them thaw.


Once it was the consistency i liked, i scooped them out and baked them at 340 degrees for about 25 minutes or so. The bananas in the batter require more baking time than eggs would.


They poofed up nicely while in the oven, but once out they deflated quite a bit. Their texture was more like a cakey brownie, than a cupcake. No complaints from Husby or myself though. Brownie cupcakes? Yes please.

For the frosting i wanted something light and peanut butter flavored. Husby has been asking for a chocolate / banana / peanut butter baked good for probably a year at least. No joke.

I found some tasty looking buttercream recipes, except i had no butter. So i thought, and i googled, and i decided to try a vegan “buttercream” receipe from C’est La Vegan.

Now, i was leery. I already use a vegan margarine (Earth Balance) and i also already use a vegan shortening, but never in a frosting.

Let me just say for the record: Yum.


They aren’t the cutest cupcakes, but they were delicious. I made Husby taste the frosting first, which he said was light and silky, before i told him it was vegan. He was shocked. Then he ate four cupcakes. At the same time.

I actually can’t wait to experiment more with this frosting. The base is so simple and tasty even before adding the peanut butter, that i think it will be a great jumping off point for all kinds of flavors.

Let’s not forget the texture, it will blow your mind.



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