>Tasty Tuesdays : Little Gen

>Recently Husby and i bought a generic Magic Bullet from Wal-Mart. I named her Little Gen. She was $30 dollars cheaper and contrary to what the marketing reps would like you to believe, she also game with a full 17 piece set of stuff.


We’re cheap, what can i say?

I wanted something i could use while i was working. Its handy, fast, single serve, with no mess. And no, this is not a paid / sponsored post. Clearly.


Point being = I like my blended drinks ya’ll.

Unfortunately i get bored. Easily. When that happens i turn to my favorite blogs for recipes. As i was browsing along i came across this post by Mama Pea.
Let me just state that once you start reading Peas and Thank You, you will be hooked. Hooked! 
Mama Pea is one smart lady. She sticks spinach in her daughters smoothies and they don’t even know. Which means its the perfect recipe for Persnickety to try because the only way i’m going to drink spinach is if i trick myself. 
With some doubt i blended it up and took a sniff. To my surprise it smelled good. Tasty even. Then i said “What the heck?” and knocked some back. Best decision i made this month. 
The next morning i walked into the kitchen like i was a spinach drinking pro. I whipped out Little Gen, filled her with some left over frozen fruits and juice we had on hand, and topped her off with a handful of spinach.
Husby looked at me like i was freak of nature. 
As i slurped and wowed at my masterpiece, Husby finally gave in and took a sip.
Then he went to the store and bought 3 bags of frozen fruits, 2 different bottles of juice, bananas, and another bag of spinach. 
This is currently my kitchen sink.
Next time i’m keeping my wowing to myself.

6 thoughts on “>Tasty Tuesdays : Little Gen

  1. >Umm I could've told you that SPINACH is the happening …An umm I'm just gonna ask.. In the tone of Karen from MEAN GIRLS!?! ((instead of why aren't you)) WHY are you BLACK?!? in your first portrait.. you know it's gonna bug me till you answer..


  2. >Hey, just found your blog through marriageconfessions 🙂 glad I found it! You seem really cool! 🙂 I'm not a big fan of fruit smoothie drinks, but maybe, just maybe I might try that recipe at some stage!


  3. >@Marie – Hello! Gotta love Marriage Confessions! That family is adorable!You should try! I'm telling ya! Mama Pea's version that i linked to is more like a shake. Yum.Ps.. your dogs are SO CUTE. 🙂


  4. >I want this! Great find!! I would have never realized it also comes with all the extra cups/items. Plus, I am in the need of more smoothies in my life. Thanks for sharing this with us!


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