For Shame!


My name is Persnickety Hall. *shuffles feet*

I’m the owner of this blog. [crickets]

And, well, it appears to have been one full year since i’ve posted in here.


Er…. sorry about that. *bats eyelashes*

You see, last April, Husby and i packed up and moved to San Antonio. We had big city dreams. But i’m also a cry baby and needed to be within an hour’s drive to Mother and Father Dear. Then i got a job where i could work from home very part time. Which sounded great. Next thing i knew i was working 70 + plus hours a week. And let me tell you, it stunk!

Needless to say, Husby and i had no social life this last year. We barely got to see each other as it was. Big city dreams, well, not so much. Time for blogging last year = none existent.

But now its a whole new year.

Our journey begins here at our old apartment complex in San Antonio.


This would be the view i’ve gotten used to. Hello little moving truck.



I would like to point out that i had a giant animal crate wedged next to me with a highly pissed off cat in it. I may have slightly feared for my life. She IS a ninja after all. She’s got skills.


By this point Tofu Ninja Kitty was sliding back and forth with every twist and turn we took. All i could make out was claws and fur. And of course i can’t forget the meowing. Oh the meowing.


Finally, we arrived at our new home.


For the record, i’m still baffled that we live in Texas. I still hate the heat and i long for real seasons. I mutter things like “Crazy Texans” and “Stupid Texas!” at least once a week. I have yet to find any Bar-B-Q as good as our fave hole in the wall in Sacramento, even though i supposedly live in Bar-B-Q country. I miss our friends. And the beach. And the lack of humidity.

That said, if i could go back and change our decision to move, i wouldn’t.

I know that we’re where we need to be right now. That we’ve made the best choices we could. Husby and i, we’re making memories for sure. Ten, twenty, fifty years from now, we’ll look back at our first four years of marriage and laugh our butts off. Because that’s how we roll.


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