>Trees, Songs, and Dead Beef


Truth: A few months back I was watching the mtv music video awards and I was totally and completely confused by Lady Gaga’s performance. In fact, I didn’t pay one second of attention to what she was singing, I was too busy being bewildered by her ….dance moves???…. It’s true. I may have even twittered something along the lines of “I don’t GET IT.”

Of course, like true Persnickety form, karma came around and bit me in the butt.

I cannot for the life of me stop singing Bad Romance. I just can’t. Its a daily occurrence. Even on beautiful winter days. Maybe even more so. Husby is SO happy about my new obsession. Especially when I belt it out over and over again to him on small road trips.

Yep. My vocal cords complete him. He just doesn’t know it yet.

About three weeks ago Persnickety, Husby, Mother & Father Dear joined my Nana & Pops (Mother Dear’s parents) for a yearly open house of festivities at the Camp Verde General Store & Post.

It’s a cute store that has been open for over 150 years. Its located in a stunning building that was once a house and has continued to be upgraded and expanded over the years. And let me tell you, their annual open house is a BIG deal around here. Besides providing everyone who walked in the door with a goodie bag (yay goodies!) they also provide a full on feast…all for free.

Free food, free wine, free chocolate you say? ….my family is there!

I did try to take pictures of the crazy crowded madness, but I was deep into a glass of red wine and trying to balance my plate of yum-tastic-ness in one hand while avoid actual human contact with strangers .

Swine flu paranoia anyone?

I caught the bird flu a couple years ago. I have the right to be paranoid people!

After stuffing our faces with tiny little hors d’oeuvres , Husby and I excused ourselves from the festivities and started the trek back home. Husby, trying to be clever and bypass any “traffic” that may have been on the road, decided to take the back way home. Mind you, this was our first time in Camp Verde, so his assuming the back way was faster was in fact based off of nothing.

It wasn’t faster.

It actually added at least another 30 minutes to our drive.

30 extra minutes for me to serenade Husby with Lady Gaga.

See the joy beaming from his face?

It was the perfect day for a drive. The weather was cool and crisp. Gray clouds covered the sky and brought out the autumn/winter colors.

We do live in the heart of Texas hill country and I felt the need to roll down my window, stick my hands in the air and shout out things like “Weeeee” and “Wooooo” as we drove around sharp corners.

Husby really enjoyed that too.

We came across a beautiful pond.

The closer we got to it, the more we smelled something funny.

Ah nature.


2 thoughts on “>Trees, Songs, and Dead Beef

  1. >It looks like a great road trip! I was sorta in the same boat as you with Lady Gaga. I didn't quite get her but then I saw her in a few interviews and she's a pretty cool, still pretty wild, cat.


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