>Keep Calm And Carry On


Dear readers, I must take this time to apologize for the lack of posts this month. We’re had some family illnesses and, other than that, my life is rather dull.

I sit up here on this lonely hilltop road and dream about the life we used to have, as well as our future. I’m quite the day dreamer you see.

I’m happy to report there have been no Zombie sightings for quite awhile. Thank goodness. Although we do have a few new friends who tend to hide out in random places. Like suitcases for instance.

These little guys don’t bother me anywhere near as much as our previous “visitors” but I’d still rather they didn’t crawl around my clothes.

Beggars can’t be choosers though!

Today Husby had eight, yes eight teeth removed. It was his first dental surgery and well, let’s just say I hope he never needs another surgery as long as he lives.

There is definitely a reason that women and not men go through labor. They say we’re the weaker sex…. I BEG TO DIFFER.

I have a husband wrapped up in a blanket, moaning and groaning, refusing to eat his yogurt, which prevents me from giving him his pain pill, yelling and cursing at me all the while expecting me to read his mind.

But we women are the weaker sex. Sure.

Sensing the tension in the air, Tofu Ninja Kitty and Walter The Spaz have made sure to distance themselves from Mr. Grump himself, and are lending their furry paws to this blog.

Such hard workers these two.

He likes me to bounce my ideas off of him. He’s got the ears for it.

Then there’s Queen Tofu.

She is the voice of reason today as we drown ourselves in gauze and frozen peas.

Ah yes. Wise words.

Words that I have to keep repeating to myself so I don’t give up and let my grumpy-baby-stubborn-unwilling to listen to doctors orders-fool of a husband fall asleep and choke to death on his tongue.

Thankfully for him, I love him way more than the accidental death life insurance policy we have on him.

Have a great weekend guys and dolls!


One thought on “>Keep Calm And Carry On

  1. >I'm so sorry you're having a tough Christmas. I've had lizards slither through my house, and even caught a frog in my toilet once, so I can definitely relate to having unwelcomed house guests. I hope things can better for you, your husband (& his teeth), and your family.Happy Holidays!


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