>Autumn Days And Nights


I love Autumn. I do believe it is my favorite season.

One of my goals is to live somewhere that has all of the seasons. Flowers in spring, flip flops in summer, rain and orange leaves in fall, and snow and hot coco in winter. I’m thinking the east coast. Yes. That would be lovely.

For now though, I have to settle for trying to trick myself into believing that it really is Autumn. I mean, let’s be honest here, Texas isn’t exactly known for its seasons.

This weekend though has definitely helped. We’ve had family visiting and Husby got a free turkey from his work (score!) so Mother Dear and my Awesomest Nana Ever got to work. The feast they provided was beyond amazing.

I was busy eating it though, so sadly I didn’t remember to take any pictures.

(Bad Persnickety. BAD!)

I did however occasionally come out of my food coma to snap a couple of horrific camera phone* pics.

There happens to be an almost seventeen year old man-boy under all of that.

We were even serenaded by my Pops.

I did actually make some yummy treats that I will share with you all in my next post. They turned out much better than I thought they would.

But for now I’m off to visit some more with my family before they all leave.

(And maybe sleep off some turkey.)

***For the record, I have a BlackBerry Curve and I absolutely hate the camera on it. Husby and I pay ridiculous amounts of money every month for our phones, you’d think that they could at least take a decent picture. Geez. Come on BlackBerry, get on that, before I switch to an iphone. Humph.


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