>Persnickety’s Weaknesses.

>I have quite a few weaknesses and I decided that I’m going to start sharing them with you fine people. Doesn’t that made you simply delighted?

Previously I mentioned how since moving to this tiny town in Texas, I’ve taken up browsing different websites in replacement of window shopping.

I make wishlists in my head of all the things I would buy if I could. The lists get pretty long, but I’m a big dreamer. What can I say?

Today in my delusional make believe happy place I found myself staring at hundreds of pairs of shoes. Not just any shoes though. Oh no. Shoes that have a warm fuzzy place in my heart…

Ballet flats.

I am thoroughly convinced that my life will not be fulfilled until I have a ginormous collection of lovely ballet flats.

Simple ballet flats.

And flats with fun prints.

And maybe some funky colors.

I have to draw the line somewhere though. And that line is right here.

Now, upon first glance, you may think those shoes must be for a little girl right? But no. Far from it. They actually are “womens” shoes that retail at the small price of $209 bucks.

Seriously. I kid you not.

Two hundred and nine dollars.

I know, you’re saying “But Persnickety, I don’t have that kind of money lying around. How will I ever acquire my very own pair of atrocious overpriced hideously ugly shoes?”

Well fret not my friends, because for half the price at only $75 crisp George Washington’s, you can be the proud owner of this magical rhinestone flat!

Zebra print not your thing? That’s ok! They have them in baby poop pink salmon snake skin too!

Eventually, after sifting through the horrors, I finally found a cute, normal, simple pair of zebra print flats here.

Pfft. Their loss!

Ps…. I know its hard, but try not to be so jealous of my paint drawing skills. Practice and one day you too may be as magnificent as me.

***These images were screen capped from Endless.com and edited by Persnickety. I in no way intend any copyright infringement. If you feel these are in violation of any rights, simply contact me and I will remove them.


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