>Not just another cute bootie

>This year has been the year for babies. I mean whoa. I believe the count of pregnant lady’s I knew was up to eleven. Some have since popped, bringing their sweet little bundles of love, spit-up and poo into the world.

Me, I go back and forth on the matter. Sure, I love kids. And yes, I definitely want to start a family with my Husby. It just depends on the day and my mood. I can go from “Awww it’s a “baby”, to “Oh man I am so glad we don’t have any kids yet.” Hot and cold. It’s how I roll.

Last night i was partaking of my semi-daily ritual of browsing websites of stores that I like, and adding all the items that I want into the shopping cart, as if you know, I could actually purchase them. What? It’s my way of window shopping. Remember people, all we have here is a Wal-Mart.

Anyways, I was browsing Target.com and “accidently” clicked on the baby section link. Accidently, as in Oooooh baby stuff!!! Squee!!!

Considering my fiery cousin Sarah is currently expecting her first child, (a baby boy!), I used her Little Golden Ticket as my perusing excuse. Out of nowhere I came across these amazing socks.

Yes. I know. You just went “aww” didn’t you?

Then I found this. Perfect for those times when baby has a black tie event but nothing to wear, or, for when he hosts a party back at his crib.

Did anyone else just picture a newborn doing the hustle under a disco ball? No? Oh. Ugh, me either…

Next I found what I believe to be the most epic newborn shoes I have ever seen.

Words fail me. Which really isn’t a good thing when you’re writing a blog. It’s just, they are so tiny, and i love them.

But wait, there’s more.

Do you hear that sound? It seems to resemble the alligator in Peter Pan.

Yes. It’s getting quite loud now. A rather obnoxious and over powering ticking noise.

Wait. Are those… ballet flats?! Noooooooooo…!

I can’t handle it. The ballet flats have unlawfully fueled the ever annoying biological clock. Oh Husby. He’ll read this and go “Eh..it’s cute stuff..no big deal.” But that’s ok, because I also found something he may just die for.

Yes sweet Husby, love of my life, provider and rock, it’s time that I bring out the big guns. I’m doing this for your own good.

**The photos in this post were screen capped from Target.com
Persnickety Hall in no way claims ownership of the unedited images and intends no copyright infringements. If anything, consider this free advertising. If you believe these images were used without permission, please feel free to contact me.


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