>Demented Minds

>Dear Blog Readers,

I Persnickety Hall have a problem.

I am the owner of one seriously demented mind. I blame this entirely on my parents and their morbid sense of humor.

I’m not sure when I developed this problem. Maybe it was one of the many times that my father would hide and then jump around the corner roaring “HERE’S JOHNNY!!!” while flashing his creepy smile.

Or, perhaps, it was when my mother would make me watch The Birds with her…..over and over and over again.

It’s possible that, recently in a local wal-mart parking lot, I may or may not have refused to set foot outside of our truck because Husby had parked right next to a tree full of evil looking birds who wanted to peck out my eyes.

It’s also possible that Husby managed to bribe me out of the vehicle with promises of snocones and gummy worms.

I mean hello! Have you seen the part where Ms Brenner finds her dad? No? Well have a look.

AHHHH! But I want to live! And I love eyeliner far too much to lose the ability to wear it!


Yes dear readers, I have issues.

At least I know this, which brings me back to my demented mind.

I have a guilty pleasure.

I could sit and watch it for hours. (yay for usa marathons!)

The nature of the show really is pretty horrible though. All SORTS of sick and twisted things go on. Which is why it is absolutely wrong to air a commercial for Elmo’s Tickle Hands during an episode.

And I quote:

“Coming in contact with anything while having the hands on will cause them to vibrate and play sounds such as Elmo himself laughing. As you tickle harder and harder with the gloves, Elmo begins to laugh more and more.”



3 thoughts on “>Demented Minds

  1. >Well daughter, hmmmm. I like the birds…….. And sweetie the man with the eyeballs picked out is not her dad, just a neigbhor. but i guess u wernt watching with both eyes, hehehehehehe oh its nice to have made a mark on your child…arnt u glad were your parents…. smooches….


  2. >Omg, I love The Birds! My mom is a huge classic Hollywood fan and made me watch it when I was a pre-teen. Surprisingly it didn't freak me out that much. Sorry to hear you have a few issues on your hands, but at least you figured them out before it was too late. XD


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