>The City

>Yesterday Husby surprised me with a fun filled day in civilization. We hopped in the truck and headed to the outskirts of San Antonio, (the area probably has a name but I was too busy jumping for joy to actually find out where we were).

Along the way we passed an advertisement for a restaurant called Po-Po, which happened to be on Welfare Street, therefore resulting in an eruption of giggles.

Because, you know, Husby and I have an utterly mature sense of humor.

Once we finally arrived in the city Husby noticed a sign for sushi and made a beeline for it. It was then that we made a vow to eat boxed mac and cheese for the rest of the week so we could splurge and get our wasabi on.

Best vow ever.

Well, other than that whole marriage thing. But anyways.

People here say “You don’t mess with Texas”, we say “You don’t mess with Sushi”.

The restaurant was quite fittingly named “Yummi” and our waiter announced to us that their new chef had just moved in from California. Score! We sat together admiring the pretty mood lighting and Husby nearly died from sheer joy as he gobbled up his bowl of miso soup.

But the main delight of the meal was in fact the sushi itself. Since we’ve lived here in Texas, this was only the second time we’ve been able to partake in our favorite food. And while it wasn’t exactly as good as what we have grown accustomed to in California, it still provided the two of us blissful glimpses into what used to be our life.

After our indulgent meal, Husby and I went over to the nearby imax theater to catch a matinee showing of the movie 9. The movie was produced by Tim Burton and we are huge fans of his work and had been looking forward to seeing it for quite a while.

It was dark and charming and epic all wrapped in one.

We also walked around Target just because we could and then headed back home.

It was a great day. We felt refreshed and back in tune with each other and with who we really are.

Husby and I were welcomed home by Walter The Spaz, who proceeded to demonstrate what a hard day he had, being home alone and all.


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