>Pictures of You and Me and Our Memories


Do you see the insignificant little apartment tucked away on the bottom floor? That’s apartment number 5.

Sweet, snuggly, eccentric, underwhelming, tattered yet pleasant apartment number 5. It has obnoxiously noisy and improper tenants, dreadful parking conditions and homeless people constantly going through and creating messes outside of its dumpsters.
Husby and I lived there for a total of 4 months and we cherished every single second of it.

Sure, it was a little shady looking on the outside, but all suspicions were eased when you walked through the door. It was lovely.

We even adopted Walter The Spaz the month after we moved in. We’d take him for walks at the pretty park across the street where he would try to sniff at a huge pond and then cower as the local ducks waddled past him. We’d chat with other dog owners and neighbors and wave at strangers.
We’d sit on a bench and reflect on how amazing it felt to feel totally and completely at “home.”

One of my favorite parts was going for a walk at night when it was raining. All of the dazzling lights shimmering off the glossy streets made it feel like a totally different city. It was beautiful.

Then there were the evenings with friends.

Always broke but determined to have fun, we would make appetizers out of a box of crackers and some cheese. We’d drink fancy wine, champagne, and cocktails out of anything we had; flutes, mugs, and sometimes red plastic cups.

We’d watch movies into the wee hours of the night, and then decide to walk six blocks to the grocery store for nothing but a bag of candy.
Sometimes we would walk to one of the local bars for a drink and laughs, ending the night at 3:00 in the morning with a veggie burrito at Del Taco.

They were so yum.

It was perfection.

Tonight the Husby and I were sitting in our living room watching some absurd show on tv when we noticed that Tofu Ninja Kitty was staring at the living room door. That’s when we watched a scorpion squeeze itself inside our home through the smallest crack EVER.

Apparently Husby and I have absolutely no more patience or sanity left in us. The scorpion has cracked us. It left us bitter and peeved and yelling at each other over what technique to use to kill it. It wasn’t cute. And after all that, the wretched creature managed to work its way outside and escape. I’m now positive that it’s waiting for the moment I fall asleep to return.

As some of you may know, Husby works nights. Nights happen to be when zombie insects come out to feed. This has resulted in me barricading myself and the animals in our room, turning on all the lights in said room, and spraying myself with lots of bug repellant.

My how life has changed.

I miss you. 😦

Oh and just because……

That clippy goes so well with your eyes.



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