>One of my favorite types of food is Greek.

When Husby and I lived in downtown Sacramento our teeny-tiny apartment was close to a fabulous Greek restaurant that opened a few months before we moved to Texas. On his way home from work, Husby would swing by Opa! Opa! and pick up a side of feta cheese (which also came with a ton of olives and tomatoes), a side of hummus (which came with plenty of fresh toasted pita bread), and an order of roasted leg of lamb (which came with all sorts of other goodies).

He would devour his lamb plate while I munched on my hummus and cheese. It was so gosh darn yummy.

Recently a new restaurant opened here in town, Mediterranean style. All along the outside of it are banners and signs boasting about its Greek food.

Well. This is exciting business for the Hall family. I grabbed my Husby and told him it was time for us to get our falafel on.

We sat down at our table and chuckled to ourselves at the peppy music that was setting the vibe for our soon to come meal. Imagine our surprise and disappointment when we open the menus and saw that all of the meals were in fact Italian.

Now, we enjoy Italian food. But when I go to a Greek restaurant I expect to see some basic staples on the menu. Hummus, falafel, lamb, tzatziki, spanakopita, you know, actual Greek foods.
Unfortunately all they offered was one salad that had feta in it, and what they claimed were gyros. Every other food they had was in fact Italian.

There I sat, sulking and pouting like a five year old while trying to figure out what exactly I was going to order. We’ve been making lots of pasta at home, (cheap and easy!), and that was the last thing that either of us wanted to pig out on.

I decided on a personal pan pizza and asked if I could have it with feta, black olives and artichokes, none of which we under the toppings section. They offered such toppings as hamburger, pineapple, mushrooms, pepperoni, basic pizza toppings. I was at a Greek restaurant, I was not leaving without having at least a bite of feta! Thankfully they were able to accommodate me and my ingredient request.

I promise I’m not a snob and I try really hard not to be a hassle to anyone, especially to waiters, but I just wanted some Greek food man!

As bummed out as I was, I have to give credit to the place. The pizza was awesome. It was home-made dough and not the least bit greasy, which means they used good quality ingredients (too much food network info). Plus the term “personal” sized was used very lightly. The thing was Texas sized for sure so we’ll get more than a few meals out of them. And they were only $6.95 a pizza. A great bargain.

We’ll definitely go back when we’re craving some pizza, I just wish they would change the name and stop fronting!

P.S…. those of you that live in the Sacramento vicinity, go eat some real Greek food and think of me while you’re doing it. You have no idea how fortunate you are! Someone send me some falafel!

Can you see the hunger and joy in his eyes?


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