>Dear Bub.

>This post is dedicated to you.

My awesome brother, who by the way happens to officially be older than dirt, sent me a text message (whoa….i didn’t know you knew how to text!) informing me that the Green Monster of Doom was actually a “poor defenceless grasshopper.”

Grasshopper perhaps, but he was trying to eat my brain so I have NO regrets.

Therefore, dear Bub, I thought you should take a look at the last bug I happened to come across at two in the morning the other day and while I was alone.

It was over 4 inches long. So i did what I had to do.

I grabbed the closest book that I could care less about and smashed the sucker while screaming at the top of my lungs.

It really is a good thing we don’t have any neighbors.

Pfft. Poor defenceless creature my BUTT.

Heh. Love yoooooou Bub.


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