>Hello and Welcome.

>Hi guys and dolls.

I’m Persnickety Hall. Yep. That’s my nickname and I’m sticking to it. I guess you could say I happen to be a wee bit picky about certain things (makeup, cheese, coffee, my hair) even though I really have absolutely no business being so. At least to my credit I acknowledge my faults. (ah well, maybe not all of them)

I’m definitely not a writer and yet here I am. Hey man…..don’t judge me! I’ve got things to say and a keyboard at my fingertips. How unfortunate for you. It’s ok, you’ll grow to love me. Right?…..right!?

As I was filling out the lovely “About Me” section on my profile, (i hate that part) I decided to share with you three quotes that I love and I believe some me up.

The first is from Alice and Wonderland.

“I can’t explain myself, I’m afraid, sir…because I’m not myself you see.”

The second is from a book that’s title has escaped me. Oh well.

“I act therefore I am. We are all players. What if what we like to call the self is just a series of masks and poses? An actors question, and the actors dilemma, no doubt. But let the audience beware and go home wondering. I mean YOU, sir. And YOU madam. Are you more than your mask? Is there a person to know behind the persona?”

And lastly, this is from the book Running with Scissors, and I feel like it’s become much more fitting of my life in the last seven months.

“I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to be one of them or simply live among them taking notes and photographs.”

Yes, life has changed.

In December of 2008 we packed up our stuff, said goodbye to our life, friends and teeny-tiny apartment in downtown Sacramento California, and followed our family to a ridiculously small town in the hill country of Texas. The words “culture shock” don’t even begin to cover it. The experiences we’ve had in the few months we’ve been here happen to be hilariously traumatizing, therefore I’ve decided to share them with you all here, at the expense of me and my Husby’s dignity.

There will be stories of random wild animals, horrendous flying and crawling insects, interesting people that we’ve come across, and more.

My Husby and I belong in a city and one day we will be back in one. For now however, we are stuck. And since we’re stuck and dealing with things that continue to shock and scare us, why not blog about it hmm?

I wish i could explain to you all, not ya’ll, just how many times in the last seven months i have ran away screaming at the top of my lungs from things that intended to eat me. They did. I swear it. They had that look of pure hunger and desperation in their eyes.

Oh the terror.
I’ll be working on posting the previous beings that we’ve encountered, as well as posting pictures. For now though I leave you with a couple pictures of our private driveway, you know, for effect.

So , now i must leave you. I’ll be back soon! Welcome again and drop me a line!
♥Persnickety Hall

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